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Menards says that a woman’s body is just as important to her career as her skills and personality.

But the company says that if she wants to achieve a career, the best way to do it is by wearing the best.

Menards’ promotion code allows women to get the most bang for their buck.

It gives women an exclusive deal, but it also lets them get the product they want at a cheaper price.

It’s a bit like the promotion code that lets you get a discount on your car insurance.

But it’s much better value for money.

Menard says the promotion codes are only for women and can’t be used for men.

You’re buying a lot of clothes, but you’re not buying a car.

It doesn’t affect the customer’s choice.

What does affect the consumer’s choice is how many women they’re targeting, Menard said.

For the menards promo codes, the average age of a woman who will use them is 27.5, the highest of any apparel company.

For women in their 20s, the typical age is 25.4.

The average age at which women buy menards is 29.3.

But that’s not a big surprise, given that women make up 70 per cent of Menards customers, according to the company.

MenARD says that women are buying at a higher rate than men for a range of reasons.

First, they’re younger than men and they’re more likely to wear clothing, said James Bowers, senior vice president of marketing at Menards.

Men also tend to have more money than men.

Men earn about $30,000 more a year than women, according a survey by McKinsey and Company.

And women are spending more on men’s products than men, according the survey.

Men’s men’s apparel sales are up 16 per cent over last year, and that’s with the promotion.

Men say that women’s preferences are changing with the times, and Menards wants to help women find their true selves.

They’re more confident in their gender, they enjoy being out in the world and they have a higher sense of self-worth.

“We believe that women have a stronger relationship with their bodies than men,” Bowers said.

The company says it’s been working with its partner,, to make the promotion easier to use.

Men can still click on the link to get a free menards T-shirt, but if they want to get an item at a discount, they have to click on “more” in the promotions section.

And they can’t buy the same item twice.

The site also provides women with an opportunity to get free Menards products.

For example, if they have an issue with the Menards product, they can get a Menards service voucher, which is a 10 per cent discount off the regular price.

If you’ve got a problem with a Menard product, you can always call them.

And you can also get a refund for the Menard item, even if it’s not what you expected.

Men is also offering men to wear the promotion shirts for free, in addition to the MenARD t-shirts.

“They can get the shirt and the Men’s promotion, and they can wear it for free,” Bower said.

“Women are now getting value for their money, and we believe that the women of today are much more confident and confident than men are.”

The company also wants to make sure women are getting the product at a lower price than men is.

The menards t-shirt is $10.50.

The Menards men’s promo is $14.50, according Menard.

Men and women should be buying the same thing at a comparable price, Bowers added.

It seems Menards is doing its best to make women feel comfortable in the company’s stores, while also making sure they’re getting the best deals on the men’s t- shirts.

Women are used to shopping online and have more time on their hands when they are shopping online, said Bowers.

Men are used in a slightly different way, Bower noted.

Men work at the office, while women work from home, which means they spend more time in their homes.

And men are more likely than women to travel, which also means they’re spending more time online.

So it’s important for the company to make it easy for women to shop online and not spend a lot more time at home.

“It’s very important to us to give women a choice,” Biers said.

Women’s best bet is to shop in stores, where they can make their purchase in a more relaxed environment, Bears said.

They should also keep in mind that Menards does not offer any discount on menards shirts, so it’s best to order in person, Biers added.

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