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KFC, the nation’s largest fast food chain, has become a poster child for a nation that’s increasingly frustrated with the status quo.

The company has been making big gains in the marketplace and the advertising dollars are rolling in, but the food giant’s reputation as a place where people can go and get a hot meal has remained a sore spot.

In the latest round of its advertising blitz, KFC has been trying to show that the company is just a big family of cooks and is trying to improve the overall quality of its food.

But the new ad campaign is going a step further, pushing people to believe that KFC is a place that gives people something they could do without spending a dime.

The new spot shows a young family enjoying a hot dog and chicken sandwich with their children, while KFC’s signature chicken sandwich comes with a small cup of hot sauce.

In an age where a hotdog costs $3.49, that hot sauce could be the difference between being able to afford a hot breakfast or lunch.

A new ad from KFC featuring a family enjoying their first KFC hot dog.

The KFC campaign is the latest in a long line of KFC ads that have made the company a target of ire among people who believe it’s been taking advantage of the American working poor.

KFC has spent $15 million on ads promoting itself as a family-owned restaurant that treats customers with care and respect.

It has also been spending $20 million on the ad blitz to try and get people to give the chain a pass for its poor treatment of workers.

The latest campaign is one of several in recent months targeting the company, which has long been criticized for paying workers less than they should and making them work long hours to make ends meet.

At one point, KFDC, a labor advocacy group that advocates for low-wage workers, filed a class-action lawsuit against KFC.

But KFC was already in the middle of the fight when it was accused of paying workers $15 an hour and under-reporting the number of hours worked by its workers.

At the time, KFSD, the company’s union, was preparing to launch its own class-actions suit against KFDA.

The two groups decided to split their lawsuits so that the money would go to other groups instead.

In response to the class-law suit, KFBDA, a national union for fast food workers, asked the U.S. Department of Labor to investigate whether KFC employees were being paid below minimum wage.

The agency responded that it was not.

The department then announced in January that it would launch a probe into the company.

The probe was launched after a whistleblower in a U.K. fast food job told the BBC that he was fired after complaining that his wages were too low.

Fast food workers were also furious when the department announced in July that it had opened an investigation into KFC and its relationship with the government, saying that the food company had a policy of paying employees more than the minimum wage and underreporting hours worked.

The union also filed a separate lawsuit in federal court to get the government to release more documents related to KFCs policy on underreporting.

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