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For the last two years, Apple’s flagship iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have been a resounding disappointment for most consumers.

While many of the complaints are pretty trivial, some of them are pretty big.

The big complaints have been about the battery life, screen, design, and price.

However, the company has yet to deliver on all of those.

Apple’s latest flagship phone has also been plagued with issues like overheating, a weak display, and a tendency to lose data when you leave your home.

Apple hasn’t released an update to fix all of these issues, and it has been months since the company updated its iPhone software to address the problems.

In a way, it’s been the perfect storm for the company’s iPhone X and the iPhone 8.

Both phones have been delayed or completely overhauled over the past year, and while there are some big new features in both phones, they haven’t been enough to convince many people to buy either of them.

While most of these changes have been small in scale, there’s been a lot of change in the iPhone X over the last year.

The biggest change is the design.

The iPhone X is more premium than the iPhone 7.

While both phones have similar materials and materials, Apple has changed the color of the iPhone 10.

The design of the phone has been made thinner, and there’s a new glass-and-metal design that’s slightly less polished.

The new design is more reflective than the old iPhone, and the new design makes the phone feel like it has a lot more volume.

In addition to that, the phone looks a lot smoother and has a slightly wider body.

The phone is also noticeably more durable, with a new camera with a better sensor and more powerful optics.

Both iPhones are available in two different colors, which are actually a little confusing for some.

The first iPhone X was available in the same color as the iPhone 9s, but it had a much bigger screen and a bigger battery.

It also came with a $199 monthly contract.

The second iPhone X has a much smaller screen and has the same price tag as the 9s.

The phones both come with the same screen resolution, so it’s not a huge difference, but both phones are significantly smaller than the original iPhone.

The iPhones have also been made smaller, but Apple hasn’s been slow on updating its software to fix those changes.

The company hasn’t had a significant update to its software since the release of iOS 10 in December of last year, so the company isn’t really doing anything to update the iPhone for iOS 11, even though it’s available.

The best iPhone X update has been to address some of the issues with the screen, but that update has also introduced a new design feature.

In the past, when you opened up the phone, the display would be completely black, and when you left the screen open, it would show a white background.

That was a little annoying, so Apple made the new UI design feature a little more appealing.

Now, when the screen is open, the screen will show the colors you selected for the app you’re currently using, or whatever is the default color of your home screen.

This makes the screen much more visible, but at the same time, it makes the UI a bit harder to see at a glance.

You can actually see that the screen has changed by looking at the iPhone, so you can tell if the iPhone has changed.

The screen is now much smaller, and its display is also now a little brighter, which is a nice touch.

Apple also made a few other changes to the phone’s design.

In an effort to make the phone more durable and to increase the battery, Apple redesigned the display with a more glass-like finish.

Apple has also made some changes to its app experience.

While you can use the phone as a traditional, 3D phone, Apple now makes the app icons larger and bolder.

Apple changed the layout of the notifications, so when you tap the icon, it opens up a menu of notifications, and you can also see the icon’s position in the menu.

It’s also easier to read the notification.

The only thing that has changed in the notification area is that the icons are now larger and more distinct, which has made it easier to see the icons and make them stand out.

You don’t see the notification icons as much anymore, so there are less distractions to deal with when you’re using the phone.

Apple made a couple of other small changes to iOS 11.

For example, the default home screen will now be larger and has more icons.

The icons will also be bolder, and if you tap on the notification icon, you’ll be presented with more options to customize the notification settings.

The Home screen also has a new button that opens up the multitasking screen.

Now when you double-tap the Home button, you can launch

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