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Apple Music is an awesome streaming service that lets you stream your favorite songs and music without having to worry about any ads or limitations.

But it can also be used to promote your own music, which can be a bit tricky.

For that reason, many of us have been looking for ways to promote our own music to Apple Music, whether we have a music license or not.

So, how can you use Apple Music to promote music?

The best way is to use the music streaming service in the same way you would on Spotify.

Spotify lets you listen to a wide range of music from artists like Drake, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift.

You can also create your own playlists and subscribe to new songs and albums that you like, or buy new albums and playlists to keep your music collection up to date.

Here’s how to use Apple Spotify to promote yourself and your music.


Select your license Apple offers several different types of licenses, so you can either sign up for a free license or pay a monthly fee for a paid plan.

Each license type has a different amount of content available.

To find out how much content is available for your free license, go to Apple’s website, choose “Settings,” then “My Library,” and choose “Music.”

This will take you to a page that lists the songs and artists available for free.

Once you’ve found a song or artist, click on it to begin streaming it to Apple, which will display a “play” option under the songs you have selected.

You’ll see an icon that says “Music” next to that song or album, and the button to play the song or track will appear next to the “Play” button.


Add a play Apple Music will play the songs in the music library you select, and they will automatically start playing when you start your iPhone or iPad.

When you start a new song, Apple will highlight the song’s artwork and start playing it, even if you’ve already started listening to it.

This is called a “Play Preview.”


Subscribe to new music Apple Music has a playlist feature that allows you to subscribe to different artists and playlist types for free, with the same song and artist appearing in the playlists.

This feature can be especially useful if you’re listening to a playlist with a few artists and have a few favorites.

To subscribe to a new playlist, go into “My Music,” and click on the “subscribe to this playlist” button next to your music library.

You will see an option that says: “Subscribe to this song for free.”


Track new music In Apple Music’s “Playlists” tab, you’ll see a playlist icon next to a song that you’ve recently listened to, or to an artist that you just discovered recently.

When a song is in your “Playlist,” it will appear on the next page of your Apple Music playlist.

This will show a play indicator next to it, which lets you know it’s playing.

To see the song playing, just go to your Apple ID, tap the song in your play list, and then tap the play indicator.

If you’re on a Mac or iOS device, go back to the Spotify app, and you’ll notice that the song is now playing.

You also get the option to download the song from your Apple iTunes library, which is a way to get a free copy of the song.


Track a song You can see a song by simply tapping on it, and when you have the song on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can see its artwork in the top-right corner of the Apple Music interface.

This can be helpful if you have a favorite song that is in the list of songs that you listen and want to track, or you can add it to your favorite playlists by tapping the “play a song” button in the upper right corner of Apple Music.

If the song has a cover art, you may see an album art in the lower right corner, which allows you see album art for the song and artists that you’re playing.

For more tips and tricks to using Apple Music with Spotify, read our Apple Music FAQ.

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