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This week, it’s the $29,000+ Amazon Echo.

The device was released earlier this year, and it offers an array of voice commands to help you manage your finances and even help you get through your day.

But now it’s a $99,000 pricetag.

The Echo is one of many devices that will soon be out of your reach — Amazon has launched the Echo Show, a $10,000 discount on its popular series of TV commercials that is available for just $1 on Amazon Prime Video.

And while you’re not getting any savings on your Echo, it may not be a bad deal.

“The Echo Show is the only product that offers a free trial of the new $10 Amazon Prime subscription, so the only way to save money on the Echo is to subscribe,” says Andrew Miller, an analyst at the investment bank Citi.

And since you’re paying $99 for the Echo, you can use it for the entire season.

The best deals The $1 discount is good for any device, including the Echo and other Amazon Echo devices, but it’s also good for some of the more expensive Amazon gadgets, including its Kindle Fire tablet and the Amazon Echo Dot, which offers a $15,000-plus discount on the same set of Amazon apps.

But the biggest deals are on some of Amazon’s other devices.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is now $35, which is $10 less than the Echo’s $99.99 price tag.

And the $10 discount on your Amazon Prime membership will be good for the first year.

You can get the $35 Fire TV Sticks and Fire TV sticks with Amazon Prime for $59.99.

The $15 discount is a deal for the second year, but the device isn’t compatible with Amazon’s $100 Amazon Prime plan.

If you’re looking for a cheaper device that also supports Amazon Prime, the $1, $20 and $50 discounts will all work with the Echo.

And you can get Amazon’s latest devices with a $30 discount, but those devices aren’t compatible on Amazon’s Prime plan either.

Amazon isn’t releasing details on the pricing of the other devices on the list, but a new version of the Fire TV will be available starting on Tuesday.

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