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The cheesecake production chain is planning a promotion for the latest cheesecake to help boost sales in Canada.

The cheesecake machines, which feature an array of sweetened whipped cream and a cheese sauce, will be rolled out in Ontario in early 2018.

It’s a sign of the times for cheesecake makers in Canada, which has struggled with high unemployment, high prices and low-paying jobs.

“We are going to have to continue to be aggressive in the coming years to make sure we get the job done, ” said Tim McMillan, president and CEO of The Great Western Cheese Factory, which owns The Great Eastern Cheese Co. and has two other Ontario plants.

McMillan said that, unlike the last cheesecake promotion, which had no Canadian branding, this one will feature a logo and a number, including 6.

McMillin said he plans to make a few hundred cheesecakes a day to make the cheesecake machine more appealing to the Canadian public.

There are currently 3,000 cheesecakers in Canada working at the factory, which is located in Vaughan, Ont.

That’s down from about 5,000 workers in the past decade, McMillin said.

The cheesecakery is also expected to expand the range of cheesecake products it sells.

For example, the company plans to offer fresh, non-crispy cheesecaches, cheesecapes, mini cheesecaks, and pies.

If the cheesemakers get their marketing right, McMellan said he expects sales to pick up over time.

Canadian cheesecake factories are among the most successful in the world, McMillin said, and have seen their prices rise over the past few years as demand has risen.

In the past year, cheesecake prices have risen by 50 per cent, he said.

But McMill, who is Canadian-born, said he isn’t concerned about the current jobless rate, which remains below 6 per cent.

While he believes that the unemployment rate is too high, he doesn’t think it’s sustainable.

He said he’s hopeful that the cheesemaker job will rebound.

“(It) has been the only thing I’ve done that I’m really proud of, so I’m happy,” he said, laughing.

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