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There’s a reason that Spotify, the music streaming service, has been enjoying such a renaissance in the last few years: its audience is growing and its user base has increased.

Its subscriber base has grown by an astonishing 744 percent in the past five years, with the service now boasting a staggering 2.5 billion active users.

It also makes up a substantial chunk of Spotify’s advertising revenue, as advertisers can now spend big on the streaming service’s ads, which are streamed through the app on the device itself.

With more than a billion active listeners, Spotify has an audience of almost two billion people, with a market share of about 13 percent, according to data from research firm Technavio.

Spotify is a subscription-based streaming service that launched in the US in 2014.

Its main selling point is that it gives artists a way to monetize their music, and lets users pay $10 a month per song to download.

The company has seen the streaming of its content increase exponentially since its launch.

Now, Spotify is estimated to have more than 9 billion monthly active users, more than all of the top 10 streaming services combined, according an analysis by Statista.

The growth in the music market has coincided with Spotify’s growth as a subscription service, and that growth has led to a growing demand for advertising.

For a while, Spotify was content to do the heavy lifting of monetizing its service and marketing its ads.

But in recent years, Spotify, which has spent heavily on music licensing and other content licensing, has increasingly focused on advertising.

In a recent earnings call, Spotify CEO Daniel Ekman said that Spotify is currently in the process of making the decision to invest in digital media advertising.

According to Ekman, Spotify wants to be the dominant media company in the world by 2021, and said that digital advertising will be the primary driver for that goal.

Advertisers are paying more and more attention to the mobile landscape, and Spotify is now the only major streaming service to offer ads directly on mobile devices.

The reason for the shift is that Spotify’s revenue has gone up.

The streaming service has been on a steady growth curve since the launch of its mobile app in 2014, which was designed specifically to let users listen to music on their smartphones.

But Spotify’s success has allowed it to expand its revenue, and as the company has become more and less reliant on the subscription model, it has become increasingly focused more on building a brand and building up its advertising business.

In addition to advertising, Spotify recently opened a partnership with the Chinese company Baidu, which is trying to develop a mobile advertising platform for Spotify.

The deal, which will be announced in early 2019, is expected to provide Spotify with a direct and secure revenue stream for its ads, a new revenue stream that could ultimately make the streaming company more profitable than ever.

“The growth of advertising on the platform has allowed us to get a lot of revenue from the ad-supported model, and I think we’re very happy with that,” Ekman told investors in September.

“We have a good relationship with Baidus, and we’re looking forward to the day when we have a direct revenue stream from Baidues platform.

That will allow us to monetise our ad business.”

The revenue stream could eventually pay for the purchase of a new studio and additional advertising space in China, which could allow the streaming platform to become more profitable and grow its subscriber base.

The biggest reason for Spotify’s continued growth is that its content is free to stream and for which users pay nothing.

That means that its users, who often don’t pay for anything else, can be assured that they are getting a free and premium experience.

For artists and producers who want to keep their music available for free, Spotify offers the platform with an ad-free service, which allows them to earn money from streaming and advertising.

But that means that they will need to find ways to monetization their content.

The platform has also been expanding into other areas, including content creation and distribution.

In January, Spotify announced a partnership to create an online platform called “Spotify Music,” which will allow artists to create their own music, distribute it on Spotify, and sell it on a platform similar to Spotify’s own.

Spotlaters will be able to create music on Spotify for free as long as they are in the “Artist” category and are under 25 years old, which makes Spotify’s content free to view.

As of April, Spotify had more than 2 million artists and more than 100,000 tracks on the service.

Spoti has also recently announced partnerships with more than 30 media companies to make their content available on the Spotify platform, which means that artists can create music for their own digital platforms.

The growing revenue streams from these partnerships have helped Spotify’s stock price skyrocket over the past few months.

Last week, the stock jumped as high as $19.50.

In its most recent earnings report, Spotify said that it has

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