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The nation’s largest retailer is using social media to boost its sales, even as it is trying to fend off a lawsuit filed by the Justice Department.

Walmart is using the social media platform to target customers with promotions, with some retailers seeing a surge in orders during the holidays.

In December, the Justice, Commerce and Labor Departments sued the retailer to recover damages it claimed were wrongly taken, alleging that Walmart’s practices were unfair to customers.

The lawsuit alleged that Walmart used its social media platforms to promote its products, and that it was discriminating against minority groups in the process.

In court filings, Walmart defended its practice of promoting certain items, including its food and clothing lines, with the hashtags #shopinstore and #shopgood.

The hashtag #shopinshow was used to promote Walmart’s “insider” and “superior” retail store stores, the company said in court filings.

Wal-Mart did not comment on the lawsuits.

In a recent blog post, Walmart’s chief marketing officer, Mark Hulme, said the company was expanding its “insane” social media campaigns, including a new #shop good hashtag.

In the case against Walmart, the Department of Justice claimed Walmart’s promotions targeted racial and ethnic minorities, citing data from the Department’s National Center for Civil Rights, or NCR.

Walmart argued that the data, which Walmart used to justify its promotions, is outdated.

“In the past decade, Walmart has made significant progress in reducing racial and economic disparities, but it is still a major employer of low-wage workers and is not the only employer of workers of color,” Hulle wrote.

WalMart’s new hashtag was first posted on Facebook in February.

The new hashtag is similar to a #shop in store promotion that the retailer launched in October, and which also includes an invitation to customers to try Walmart’s new line of clothing.

Walmart has not yet used it in a promotion.

Walmarts new social media campaign includes a hashtag that Walmart is calling “shopinshot,” which the retailer said was meant to encourage people to try new products and to shop around.

Walmart’s social media team has posted more than 700 new hashtag posts in the past month.

The hashtag is being used more by Walmart than other retailers.

Target, Walmart and Walmart’s competitors are using hashtags to promote their stores, and to encourage shoppers to shop at Walmart stores.

For example, Walmart uses #shoptoystore and “#shopmuseo,” both of which reference toys and accessories.

Walmart uses the hashtag #storeinshow to promote the store.

“Walmart’s social and physical presence is a key component of its brand,” the Justice’s complaint states.

“It serves as a channel for retailers to reach a larger segment of consumers who are interested in what they’re selling, who are willing to pay for the products, who may be able to identify with the brand and experience the brand’s quality.”

Target and Walmart have said the hashtag campaign is not intended to target consumers based on race or ethnicity.

But a recent study by the Center for the Study of Labor and Employment at the University of California, Berkeley, found that Walmart was not targeting its social posts specifically, but rather targeting a broader group of customers.

Walmart did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Walton, the nation’s second-largest retailer, recently posted a new ad featuring a photo of President Donald Trump.

In the ad, Trump and Walmart workers are shown with the hashtag “#shopgood,” a reference to the #shopinthestore promotion.

The ad was posted in March and has since been shared more than 2 million times on Facebook, according to the Justice.

The ad has also received more than 5 million likes and shares on Twitter.

“We are confident that Walmart will prevail in the case,” the company wrote in a blog post announcing the campaign.

The Justice has asked the court to compel the retailer’s compliance with the law, and also to hold the retailer accountable for the campaign’s targeting of minorities.

Walmart said it is “confident” it will win the case.

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