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A fan’s love for an actor can translate into an investment promotion.

A lot of us get it, but some people have more trouble, says Amy Glynn, co-host of the popular MTV show Ally Invest Promotion.

So, Glynn and her co-creator Jen Wagoner set out to find out why.

They were looking for people who love acting and want to see their career progress.

Wagoner says she and Glynn knew that Ally Invest promoted “great value” to the actors.

But what they were really looking for was if they could understand the nuances of what makes an actor tick.

“The best way to win a fan is to understand them,” she says.

“If you can understand them, you can get an audience that is invested.”

In this video, Wagoners and Glynns love letter to the show.

You might not be able to hear it, or maybe you’d like to see it, in this case, but Ally Invest’s theme is “Fandom” and the characters are a group of people from different countries.

Glynn says that they wanted to get people talking about their careers, and they were also hoping to see them succeed.

“If we can help someone understand what makes a successful actor, that’s what we’re going for,” she explains.

“And then we can give them a little bit of hope for their career.”

The team set out with the help of the actor-writer Jen Wagnon, who is based in Los Angeles and has written for shows such as “Bones” and “Maniac.”

She helped the group write letters to the stars and to their agent, as well as the actress’ agent, who also had input on the script.

“It’s been such a long time, and she’s had such a great run, that we thought it would be really fun to give her an opportunity to do a letter to her fans,” Glynn says.

Wagnon is passionate about acting.

She has worked with the likes of Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt’s son, Ben.

“I’m very, very excited about this project,” she tells the MTV News team.

“It’s an opportunity for her to be a part of this great world of acting.”

And for Ally Invest, this is not just a business opportunity.

It’s also a chance to make money.

Ally Invest promotes actors for free through the website, but Glynn is also hopeful that some of the actors will give their advice on how to succeed.

The letter writers for the actors were not chosen to represent their own careers, but they were asked to write something positive about the actor they loved.

“Some of the writers are very good at what they do, but I think that a lot of them have been given a lot to do and have been able to take it and put it in a way that people can relate to,” Glynne says.

The letters are signed by the actors and their agent and will be sent to the actor’s agent.

Wagner agrees that the letter writers are “super good at writing letters,” but that “it’s more of a call to action to say, ‘I have a great idea, how can I help you?'”

“We’re not going to get a star on the page,” she adds.

“We want them to write a letter, so that they can say, `I would love to hear from you.'”

But Ally Invest has already helped some actors achieve success.

Glynne’s former student, Jason LeRoy, has written an incredible script for his upcoming TV movie, “The Good Wife.”

LeRoy says that he received a letter from Ally Invest saying he was “on the right path.”

“It really gave me a sense of hope that there was a place for me, and I’m really grateful to them,” he says.

And Wagones love letter writer, Emily Wills, also received a note from Ally, thanking her for her work and saying that she “is a great person to work with.”

Wagoners says that she’s grateful to Ally Invest for its support.

“We are going to work really hard for these kids,” she laughs.

“They’re going to see what they’ve got.”

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