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I’d been on a little diet for a while now and had a new-found appreciation for the world of fitness.

That’s when I got a call from a friend, a net promoter.

A guy who wanted to make sure I got his net promotions score for the upcoming gym season.

My first reaction was, “No way.”

It wasn’t even the first time I’d heard of this.

Net Promoters are the biggest promoters in the gym industry.

You’ve probably heard of them.

They’re the guys who run the gym and manage the membership.

They don’t just book gym memberships and take a cut.

They pay you for all the stuff you do.

Net promoters are a big part of the gym business.

They make sure every single gym gets the right equipment and training and everything else.

The only downside to being a net Promoter is that they can get a bit greedy.

When I asked him if he’d get me any of his bonuses, he said he’d give me one if I got my score high enough.

So I called up my buddy who had just signed up for a new gym.

I was hoping he’d be more generous with his bonuses.

But, no.

I got an email from him.

He said he didn’t have the cash for anything, but he’d send me a couple hundred dollars to cover my gym membership.

He’d get it back.

And then I got another email saying, “Hey, I’ve got some good news for you.

We’ve got this gym with some really cool stuff that you might be interested in.

We’ll give you a couple thousand dollars and get you on the list for the next gym season.”

I knew exactly what to do.

It was time to get in line for the gym.

But before I did, I wanted to figure out what my net Promoters score was.

I’d spent a couple of years working on my fitness.

It’s something I really enjoy doing, but it’s also something I’ve always had to be careful about.

It took me months to get my score.

After a couple months of tracking my progress, I figured I was ready for the real deal.

After two weeks, I had my score at 5,000,000.

I went to my buddy’s gym and got the score.

The next day, I got the next email.

He had another gym up ahead.

I wasn’t going to let that happen to me.

I figured that would be my only gym in a couple years.

I had to go to work.

After another couple weeks, the next message came in: I got to get your score, too.

But it was from a guy who was in a different gym.

He wanted to get me a workout in his gym.

The first thing I thought was, wow, that guy was going to be the biggest asshole in the world.

He was going be really nasty.

He didn’t even want to talk to me, he just wanted me to hit the gym with him and hit a few reps.

I didn’t think that was possible.

I wanted him to go away, and then I thought, Oh my gosh, this guy is serious about fitness.

He wants to make me feel good, so I figured, Let’s do it.

I headed to the gym, and I had a blast.

I started working out on my own.

But my friends and I were like, Wait, what’s he doing?

I was just like, He’s just doing the gym because he likes to.

He’s not really trying to make any money.

He just wants to workout and get some fun out of it.

That first week, I was working out like crazy.

I worked up to 200 reps on the bar.

The gym was packed.

The people were going nuts.

It felt great.

I also got to meet a guy named Alex.

He and his wife, Stephanie, are both fitness experts.

They both work in the fitness industry.

They’ve been doing it for years.

Stephanie started out by being the fitness coach for a local gym and then moved to running her own training program.

She’s one of the top female running coaches in the country.

When they saw me in the front row, they were like Oh my God.

That was a really cool day.

I’m really glad that they were interested in working with me because I was so nervous to even come in the first place.

After the first few weeks, my friend and I got really good at the sport.

But we were still learning.

I just couldn’t keep up with his workouts, and he had a ton of equipment that he needed to work with.

So, he told me to work out with his buddy, so that we could work out together.

So that was kind of the first real lesson I learned: Don’t be intimidated by someone who’s just trying to get you in the door.

You’re going to have to do your own

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