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By now, you’ve probably seen these examples on Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed users are known for their creative and creative-driven marketing tactics.

So, how do you use these tactics to increase your site traffic and earn more sales from your website?

Let’s take a look.

Here are a few tips that can help you increase your sales.


Create and share a blog post with a clear and easy-to-understand title and description.


Create an easy to follow video marketing campaign with a short video and/or link.


Create a new sales promotion for your company’s products, services, and/ or promotions and share it on social media.


Share your sales promotion with your friends, family, and co-workers and encourage them to click through.


Promote your products and services to your community of users through social media posts, blog posts, and other online promotions.


Share promotions with your social network by following the steps in the Buzzfeed example below.


Promoting your products on social networks can help increase your website traffic and earnings.


Promotional content is great for your business, but can be an effective marketing tool for your customers.


Create, upload, and post a simple banner ad for your product on your site.10.

Make sure you use a clear title and a clear description for your sales promotions.11.

Create easy to understand, step-by-step sales promotion videos that will help your customers understand the importance of your promotions.


Offer discounts for your current and past customers by using your product coupons.


Share a sales promotion that you created with your customers and encourage their friends and family to sign up to receive it.14.

Make sales promotions to people outside your company by creating sales promotions for other companies and companies that are related to your company.15.

Promotes your products or services on social networking sites, blogs, and websites by posting sales promotions on those sites and/ of your products.16.

Promotions that are easy to use and easy to promote will boost your online sales.17.

Create custom promotions to make sure your customers have the most success in their purchase.18.

Share sales promotion content on social and email networks.19.

Promotion opportunities are great for those looking to increase sales from their website, but don’t limit yourself to one type of sales promotion.20.

Create simple, clear, and clear sales promotion templates for your website to help your visitors understand the benefits of the promotion.


Promoters are experts at helping you get more sales by creating custom sales promotion ideas.22.

Promoter tools are great resources for anyone who wants to increase their sales.23.

Create your own sales promotion template that you can share with your users.24.

Create sales promotion ads that you post to your social media channels.25.

Promoted content is always a good idea, but it’s important to know how to create and share your sales and marketing content successfully.26.

Share and promote your company products and/ and services on the internet and social media platforms by creating promotional content on your website, blog, or website marketing website.27.

Create revenue streams by promoting your products, products, and services online.28.

Promos are a great way to make money online.29.

Promo codes can be a great sales tactic for your team, or they can help your business grow.30.

Promotor is a great tool for boosting sales and increasing your website revenue.31.

Create marketing campaigns to reach a large group of users or people that are outside of your company and have similar interests.32.

Create promotional content that your customers can use to increase the amount of customers they send to your website.33.

Promotic and promotional posts are great ways to increase social media sales.34.

Promising to build new products or products related to a specific business can help attract more customers.35.

Prominent sales promotions and/ to the public can be great for the brand image and boost social media traffic.36.

Promosters are great to help with the promotion of your business and are great sales opportunities.37.

Prominently display your promotional content so your customers know about your company as a source of value.38.

Promur to increase customer loyalty by creating an exciting and fun promotional content.39.

Promises of great success and/to your business can be exciting and engaging.40.

Promodify your social networks by creating a campaign that is engaging and has an eye-catching presentation.41.

Prominence is an easy-going way to create a memorable and memorable product or service that customers love.42.

Promethere are three ways to create new and unique content.43.

Promise that your company will provide free samples to its customers, so they can try your products first and see if they like them.44.

Prompt customers to take advantage of a free or discounted

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