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The best physical therapy and podiatry apps available for Android are the ones that you can buy for $10 or less from Google Play.

Here’s our guide to the best physical therapist apps for Android, and if you’re looking to upgrade, we’ve got you covered.


Apple’s iTunes Physical Therapy app Apple’s physical therapy app, iTunes Physical Therapist, is the only physical therapy platform to feature Google Play exclusives.

It’s available in both iOS and Android.


Google Play physical therapist app Google Play is the one platform that has Google Play exclusive physical therapy applications.

You can only get the Google Play version of this app on the Google Store.


The Google Play Physical Therapy App (GPP) Google Play provides physical therapy software for a fraction of the price of Apple’s App Store, which offers the same level of support.

It offers the ability to search for and download the apps in your region.


Google’s physical therapist mobile app Google’s mobile app, the Google Physical Therapist app, also supports Google Play apps and is a good alternative to the Apple App Store.


The Best Physical Therapy Apps for Android from Google (GPE) Google offers the GooglePlay physical therapy application for the low price of $10, but it doesn’t have any Google Play Games exclusives, meaning you’ll have to buy the games separately.

This is because Google Play games have their own set of restrictions.


Best physical therapist games for Android for Android users The best apps for physical therapists on Android are those that have a built-in library of physical therapy games.

The following list of the top apps for Google Play users shows which ones have exclusive content, including Google Play Exclusive Games, Games that require the Google app, and others.

GooglePlay Exclusive Games: • The Realistic Therapy Simulator for Android (Android only) • Google Play Original Games (Android Only) • The Virtual Reality Therapy Simulator (Android ONLY) • Virtual Therapy Simulator • The GooglePlay Fitness Trainer app (Android) • GPP Fitness Trainer for Android • GooglePlay Video Therapy (Android and iOS) • the GooglePilot app (iOS only) GooglePlay Games that do not require the Android App Store: • GooglePit for Android only • Google Virtual Fitness Trainer (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac, and Linux) • Bored Panda for Android Only • The Mindful Mindfulness for Android ONLY • MindfulMindfulness for Windows Phone only • Mindfulness Fitness Trainer and the Mindfulness Trainer for Windows Store only GooglePlay Game that does require the App Store (Android): • The Zen Mindfulness App for Android and iOS • Mindfully Fit for Android Android and Windows Phone Only • Mindscape for Android Windows Phone and Windows Store Only GooglePlay Apps that do require the Apple Store (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch only): • MindFit for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only • Focus Fitness for iPhone and iPad only • Fit For iPhone and iPod Tablet only • BodyMind for iPhone Android, Android and Mac only • HeartTrack for iPhone only • Play Fit for Mac and Windows PC only Google Play Game that requires the Apple Play Store (iOS): • Fitness Trainer: iPhone, Mac and Mac PC only • Fitness Tracker: iPhone and Mac Mac PC and Windows only • The Power of Play for iOS and Windows 10 Only Google Play Video Therapy: iPhone only Google’s Virtual Therapists App: Google Play Edition (iPhone only) This is where the real competition comes in.

We’ve tested the best virtual therapists on iOS and the best Google Play virtual therapists.

Here are the best apps to download for your iPhone and Android device: • the Realistic Therapist for iOS • The Ultimate Virtual Therapy Solution for iPhone • The Best Virtual Therapist App for iPhone Google Play App: The GooglePilots Virtual Therapy for Android iOS • Google Pilot: GooglePillow for Android iPad and Windows Windows Phone Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 Apps for iOS (iOS 8 and Windows 7 only) These apps include a free trial, but there’s a minimum purchase required to access them.

GooglePills, for example, allows you to try a dozen different virtual therapy products, including meditation, meditation apps, guided meditation, and yoga, all for just $5.

GooglePs meditations, for one, are quite effective.

However, they’re only available in limited quantities, so it’s best to purchase as many as you can afford.

The best virtual therapy apps for Windows 10 include apps like The Mindfulness and The Minds Best.

The mind-expanding Mindfulness Meditation is a great app for people who are looking to experience relaxation without taking up too much space in their home or office.

The Mind-Expanding Mindful app is another great meditation app for Windows users, and you can try a number of meditation apps in one sitting.

The most popular virtual

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