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It doesn’t matter what the size of the pizza.

It doesn.

But you’ll have to put in some effort to get that kind of money back.

The new cashback card program, which is expected to go live in November, offers a $10 credit and up to $200 cash back if you buy a certain number of pizza boxes at participating stores.

There’s no limit on how many boxes you can buy, so you can spend the money at a variety of places.

Here’s how it works.

You can apply online at or at your local retailer or pizza place.

You’ll have 15 days to claim your rewards, which can be redeemed for a variety for items ranging from gas to groceries.

The first $200 in your card balance must be spent within the 15-day period.

If you spend less than that, you’ll be charged the balance back.

If your balance falls below $200 within the first 15 days, you can opt to cancel your rewards at any time.

But if you spend more than that within the allotted time period, the cash back will be canceled.

You get the full $100 cash back, no questions asked.

And you’ll get a credit for any pizza boxes you already bought that are not eligible for the card.

If all you buy are boxes, you could get $100 in rewards.

You’d get the cash, but you’d have to wait for 15 days before the credit was applied to your balance.

The program is being rolled out to more stores nationwide, including the Pizza Hut in San Francisco, The Red Lion in Los Angeles and Pizza Hut locations in New York, Chicago and Boston.

Here are the eligibility requirements: 1.

You must be 18 or older to apply.


You have to buy at least five pizzas and eat at least three.


You need to spend $100 on your order to qualify.


You should not eat more than one slice per day.


You’ve completed a minimum of one month of in-store and online promotions.


You also need to buy one pizza box per week.


You only need to make at least $200 on your purchases.


You’re 18 or younger and have to spend at least two months of in the store and online.


You don’t have to be enrolled in any type of financial aid program, such as the Perkins loan program.


You shouldn’t have any medical conditions or other health problems that would prevent you from earning the cashback.


You won’t be eligible for a lower interest rate, which would lower your monthly payment.


The cards aren’t eligible for any rewards points or points that aren’t redeemable for cash.

You do get a $1 signup bonus for participating stores, but it’s a one-time bonus.


You aren’t required to purchase any insurance to qualify for the cards.

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