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RTE 1.

Create a marketing campaign for your goat programme article Create a promotional flyer that tells people that you are selling goat and the value of the goat is worth 1 euro per pound, and that the goats will grow faster and healthier if they eat only organic foods.


Write a promotional brochure for people to buy goat.


Have a poster with pictures of the goats and explain the value proposition.


Offer free goat vaccinations to people.


Have posters and flyers for people at the door and at the market.


Have your goats in a pasture or on the floor in front of people’s houses.


Have signs with a story about how you are giving goats to people for free.


Put a sign in the barn saying: You will get 1 goat for every euro you spend.


Have pictures of goats on your billboards.


Have goats on billboards.


Have billboards and posters for people in front and in back of houses.


Have stickers with a picture of a goat and an “Amen” sign.


Have the goats’ names written on the billboard.


Have ads in newspapers and magazines.


Have an advertising agency write a book about goat promotion.


Have advertisements in your newspaper and magazines about goats.


Have goat posters put up in public places.


Have advertising posters put on your walls.


Have banners put up outside of the public buildings and in public areas.


Have free goats for people who are travelling to your farm.


Have people sign up to get goat vaccinations.


Have public meetings about goat management and goat conservation.


Have brochures put up at markets to educate people about goat breeding and management.


Have websites where people can download brochures and posters.


Have information leaflets about goat welfare and goat welfare measures.


Have informational posters and posters around the farm.


Have promotional flyers at the farm gate.


Have bumper stickers.


Have food displays for people.


Have pamphlets and posters at the gate.


Have videos on Youtube and other social media websites about goats, goat-related topics and goats.


Have presentations and workshops about goats and goat-management.


Have online videos on goats and related topics.


Have social media campaigns for people on the farm, about goat and goat farming and about goats on the road.


Have other products and services that people can purchase and sell on the goats.


Have marketing materials, including posters, flyers, and brochures, about goats for sale at the farms.


Have merchandise at the shops that sell goat-specific products, such as goat products.


Have video advertising that explains how goats and their owners will improve their health, produce better milk and feed more people.


Have leaflets and posters placed in supermarkets, supermarkets and markets to encourage people to shop on goats.


Have milk cartons at your farm to make people aware of the value and importance of goats and the need for their protection.


Have flyers and posters in schools, colleges and other schools to make students aware of goats, and the importance of eating organic, pasture-raised and free-range goat milk.


Have logos on your store windows to encourage consumers to buy from you and support your goats.


Have placards on your farm signs to encourage your goats to breed and for your customers to buy your products.


Have messages on your website, signs in your barn and posters on the walls and billboards.


Have displays at your business, in front, in back, at the markets, on your farms and in your office.


Have buttons at the top of the billboards that say: Goats are valued.

Do you have a goat for sale?

____ ____ _ _____ ____ ___ _ _ _ ___ ____ 1.

____ What are the pros and cons of buying and selling goats?

Pros and cons Pros and Cons 1.

It’s a great way to spread awareness about goats that are going to be good for people and the environment.

2, The farmers are not the only ones with goats.

3, It is a great deal and you don’t have to pay extra for the goats or the milk.

4, You can raise goats for free and feed them for free too.

5, You don’t need to pay any tax.

6, You will receive goats and you will get to keep them for your own use.

7, You’ll be able to sell goats for a good price.

8, You get to know goats better and you’ll enjoy watching them grow and become more healthy.

9, You’re getting rid of waste and having fun.

10, You have a herd of goats to take care of and the goats have a home to live in. 11, You save money and you

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