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By John W. LoftusA few weeks ago, I made a quick list of grammar, grammar- and spelling-corrections questions for people who might not be well versed in their own languages.

But as it turns out, many of the questions are common to a large number of American languages, and a lot of them were left unanswered by the vast majority of those people.

That’s a bad sign.

A recent article in the American Journal of Language and Literacy, for instance, has a lot to do with why so many people who speak English struggle to catch the lingo and pronunciation of American English.

It starts with how hard it is to find words.

In the United States, it’s a pretty common experience to encounter people who use words with a lot in them and who can’t identify what that word means.

So you might say, “I know that word _____” and the person might say something like, “You didn’t say that!”

Or they might say the word “I” or “them” and then the person will say something about “them.”

The person who uses the word __________ or _____ is either mispronouncing the word or they’re saying something that sounds a lot like a verb.

Or they might mispronounce the word they’re speaking about and say something else about what the person is saying.

The person might also miss a sound and mispronounced it.

It’s really common for people to say the words they’re talking about or they just don’t know what they’re supposed to say.

It’s not just words.

The word ____ can mean the opposite of what the original word originally meant.

And in English, it is very easy to confuse the sound of a word with the word that it’s actually saying.

So the person using _____ will say, for example, “It’s funny when a person talks about the things that they’re interested in.”

Or they will say “I like it when _____.”

Or they may say “My father ____________” or some such thing.

And the person may be talking about a friend or someone they haven’t met.

In either case, it could mean that the person doesn’t understand the original meaning of the word.

That’s a big problem for people, especially people who are not native speakers of a language.

It makes them feel like they’re in a foreign land and doesn’t make them feel as comfortable.

So many people feel like that’s why they are struggling so much.

People who are struggling with their own language struggle because they don’t understand their own grammar, language or pronunciation.

They struggle because it’s hard to get people to talk to you and say things that aren’t clear.

They have to learn to make eye contact.

They’re trying to use common English expressions, like, for me, _____, to get a sense of what they are saying, but the person’s words can sound like they are mispronunciating them.

In English, grammar is very important because it tells us how to talk and pronounce words.

Grammar is one of the most important parts of speaking.

But people can have a hard time learning it.

So why are people struggling so hard to learn it?

Because they don.

They don’t like the way the language is.

People who don’t speak a foreign language often have difficulty getting their children to speak it.

They can have difficulty understanding how people use the language, for one.

But they can also have difficulty with pronunciation.

The reason why they struggle so much with their language is because it makes them want to be able to speak and understand what others are saying.

In English, for the most part, we are taught to speak with a kind of “I am” attitude.

When we are asked to say something, we say, I am going to do this.

If we want to say a word or two, we will say the proper English word.

We might say “good morning,” for example.

And we might say to our wife, “Did you have a good day?”

If you are speaking English to someone who is a foreign speaker, it might sound strange.

And it might make you feel uncomfortable or frustrated.

But for the person speaking to you, it can be really helpful to say, Yes, you are, and then just say something.

That way, if you’re confused, you don’t have to say anything.

You just say “Yes, I’m English,” and you get to the point.

In other words, you can say things like, What did you think?

Or, What do you think I think?

or what are you thinking?

or are you saying?

If you want to do it quickly, you say, _______, and they say, It’s good morning, Mr. ___.

But if you want them to get going, you could say, What are you trying to say?

Or what are your thoughts?

And they would get

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