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Promoters are turning to social media for help in recruiting new fighters, with a slew of new social media platforms making it easier to find out who’s coming to the ring.

The latest to jump in on the bandwagon is hulu, a video-streaming service that boasts over 400 million users across the globe.

A growing number of social media users are looking for new, more targeted ways to advertise and promote their sport.

The new social platforms are getting more and more attention.

They offer advertisers more direct connections with potential fans, and they offer promotions and promotional services that are accessible to all users.

Hulu, the popular video-sharing platform, recently partnered with boxing promoter Eddie Hearn to bring his boxing series “Barry Bonds Presents” to the platform.

The series is an offshoot of Hearn’s television show “The Ring,” and it follows the legendary boxer’s rise from the humble beginnings of a local boxer to the heavyweight champion of the world.

Hearn recently took the stage at the 2017 Golden Gloves of Boxing convention in Los Angeles to promote the series.

The series, which has been in development since 2011, follows Bonds as he goes from one of the biggest boxers in history to the top heavyweight of the sport.

It’s a storyline that’s familiar to Hearn, who first pitched the idea for the series to HBO in 2013.

The network has been very supportive of the series, with the first season of “Bonds Presents” getting a number of major awards.

HBO also gave the series a green light for a second season.

In the early days of the internet, it was easy to find anyone to help advertise on the platform and find people to promote on hulu.

But, as more and as the platform has expanded to offer more and better advertising opportunities, there has been a growing amount of competition.

“There’s been a lot of change,” said David Pyle, CEO of hulu platform adtech firm AdMob.

“There’s more competition for advertisers on the platforms and that has been driving people to try new and different ways to promote their brands.”

Hulu has seen an increase in engagement, too.

Last year, the platform had more than 4.4 billion users, according to the company.

And that number is expected to grow as more platforms join the hulu ecosystem.

Hudson Street Media, which is the largest media platform for sports, said in a statement that it will be investing $10 million to launch a new ad platform called H2H Media in 2018, bringing advertisers and partners closer together.

H2H is expected, too, to bring new advertisers to the hulus.

Its goal is to offer advertisers “an easier way to reach their target audience,” said Adam Siegel, CEO and co-founder of H2A Media.

“H2A is focused on making it easy for brands and media to reach the biggest audiences,” he said.

“We’re looking to be a key partner in this evolution.”

H2I, which was created by H2a, has already signed deals with more than 60 advertisers, including PepsiCo, Target, and Verizon Wireless.

It is also working with the NFL, MLB and many sports leagues to bring ads to its platform.

Halo, another video-ad platform, is also expanding its advertising platform.

This past year, it signed deals to run ads on a number onhulu properties.

H2I also has partnerships with NBCUniversal, the MLB, the NBA, and others.

H3G, the social network of the UFC, is partnering with several media partners to launch new ad platforms, according the UFC’s Vice President of Brand, Content & Partnerships, Joe Rogan.

“We have a great relationship with H3G,” Rogan said in an email to The Hill.

“They are the first platform to be working with us to build their platform.

We have a lot in common and we are excited to have the opportunity to expand our relationship.”

The UFC, which had more deals signed with advertisers this past year than it has in years, said it is working with many media partners on the new ad tech.

“The UFC is committed to reaching as many fans as possible through the platform,” UFC president Dana White said in the statement.

“These partnerships with partners are helping us to connect with a growing number who are eager to participate and share their passion for the sport.”

The rise of social networks like Twitter and Instagram, which are becoming more popular, also has made it easier for advertisers to reach an audience of fans on social media.

But that hasn’t always been the case.

There was an early backlash against social media when it was launched.

In 2013, the Associated Press reported that advertisers and sports leagues were reluctant to reach out to consumers because they feared being attacked for not showing up on social platforms.

Advertisers also worried that some of the more aggressive social platforms could lead to hate speech and even death threats. There

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