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Google is the king of online marketing, but the company doesn’t take itself seriously.

Instead, it is a platform that provides tools for creators to build and sell content on YouTube.

But, Google’s ad platform is also riddled with issues. 

Many of these problems are not limited to YouTube, but are systemic issues within the company itself. 

For example, when YouTube launched a series of advertising deals with major publishers in 2011, many of the content publishers were unaware that Google was doing the same.

As the company’s chief marketing officer, Michael Horowitz, said at the time: We don’t see ourselves as a platform for advertisers to buy content, we see ourselves a platform to buy relationships.

This means we’re going to see a significant uptick in content monetization, and we’ve seen that increase in recent months. 

Horowitz later said that he believed Google was using the platform to build its own business. 

What these deals have done is created a symbiotic relationship between publishers and Google. 

In exchange for advertising, publishers get access to millions of ads, and in return, Google gets access to advertising revenue. 

Publishers have often used the platform as a way to sell their content on Google’s platforms, such as YouTube, AdSense, and Google+ to Google’s AdSense partners. 

But as Horowitz explained to TechCrunch, Google has also been using this partnership to its advantage, offering publishers incentives that could be seen as more lucrative than buying content directly from the company. 

One example of this is the Google+ Content Market, which offers advertisers a 30% discount on ad revenue when they subscribe to Google Plus. 

“You know, you can get a $3,000 discount on AdSense for a year and a half on AdWords,” Horowitz explained. 

That same year, Google also partnered with NBCUniversal and CBS to pay up to $1 million for ads on NBC’s “Sunday Night with Seth Meyers.” 

But while the content marketing deals with publishers have been good for the company, it has been a mixed success for the ad platform. 

Some publishers have benefited from these deals and, as one industry expert told the New York Times, “they’ve been able to make a pretty substantial return.” 

Others have suffered, and have found themselves in the unfortunate position of being forced to monetize on the platform that they have no control over. 

While the company has made efforts to address these issues in the past, the company is still far from being the most popular platform for online advertising. 

The biggest problem with Google is that it is an incredibly large company.

Google’s revenues from ad revenue are more than twice as large as the company as a whole, according to the New York State comptroller’s office. 

Google’s revenue from ad sales and ad impressions are also bigger than those from Google+ and Google News, and are higher than those of Facebook, Apple, and Twitter combined. 

According to research firm eMarketer, the amount of money Google spends on ad inventory on its platforms each month exceeds that of all of those platforms combined.

That’s because Google spends more than $3 billion per month on ad spending. 

However, Google doesn’t have to spend any of that money on ads, because its own ad network and its own YouTube ad platform are free to use. 

This means that while it can’t control how many ads people see, Google can control how much money publishers can spend on ad placements and how many ad impressions Google can collect. 

With its own revenue platform, Google is also free to target ads at users and advertisers. 

Even though Google’s revenue platform is free to users and publishers, the ads that Google puts on YouTube have a direct impact on the money that publishers get from their ad purchases. 

As a result, many publishers have decided that they can no longer afford to run ads on YouTube unless they are paid to. 

A major concern with ad revenue is that advertisers have less control over how they are managed, and the lack of control can result in poor user experiences. 

On top of this, there is also the fact that YouTube has been plagued with abuse. 

Several of the most prominent abuse reports to date have come from the platform’s advertising partners.

One such example is from AdSense in which YouTube had a large number of ad placings in areas of the world that had been deemed “dangerous,” which is defined as places where there were serious risks to the public health. 

After YouTube took this step, Adsense and other publishers were able to begin using YouTube as a sort of temporary platform for their content to run on. 

When AdSense realized that YouTube was no longer providing ad placement opportunities for AdSense publishers, it cut off all ad sales from YouTube, and it banned all AdSense advertisers from YouTube. 

There have also been instances of publishers being forced by YouTube to pay for ad placers and to remove

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