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Milwaukee, Wis.

– It was a moment that would be memorable in the lives of two men.

Smith, the Milwaukee police sergeant who was promoted to sergeant and was hailed as a hero by the city, was one of four officers who killed Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in November 1999.

The other four were Lt.

Chris Ritter and Sgt. Anthony Dolan.

Smith and Dolan were killed when Harris and Klebold opened fire on the police barracks.

The two officers were later identified as officers Sean Collier and Joseph LaPorta.

After the shooting, Milwaukee police promoted Smith to sergeant.

The city had just released a plan to reduce shootings, which included an increase in the number of police on the street and increased training.

But that did not happen until months after the shooting.

On Monday, the city’s police department announced that Smith had been promoted to a sergeant.

Smith’s promotion was announced during a press conference at the Milwaukee Police Department headquarters.

Smith said he felt fortunate to have received the promotion, which he said was his way of showing that the department had done its job.

Smith was a member of the Milwaukee Division of Police and had served in the Milwaukee area for more than a decade.

His father, Steve Smith, has been a police officer in the city since 1976.

In a news release, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said that Smith’s promotions will help to ensure that the Milwaukee PD remains the strongest law enforcement department in the state.

“This promotion was not a political statement, but a reflection of the fact that the Police Department has the strongest commitment to the public safety of the citizens of Milwaukee,” Flynn said.

“When we were asked to improve our law enforcement, we took it upon ourselves to do so,” Flynn continued.

“We know that there are those who will question how a sergeant, a police sergeant, could be promoted to the rank of sergeant, but that is exactly why this promotion was made.”

In August of last year, Milwaukee’s police officers made headlines after a video of a sergeant walking through the city with a handgun and saying, “Let’s get this over with,” drew widespread criticism.

Smith was subsequently removed from the police department.

Smith said he didn’t have a problem with the promotions.

“I had to do it.

I had to show that we were making a difference in the community,” Smith said.

Smith is a native of the Southwestern United States.

He grew up in North Carolina.

He has two brothers and two sisters.

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